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  Coimbatore - The Manchester of South India
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Temples : Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


Perur Patteeswarar Temple

The historic Patteeswarar temple at Perur is one of the best known Shivastalams of the Kongu region. Perur is a small town situated about 6 km from Coimbatore.   The outer buildings of the temple were built by rulers of Madurai in the 17th century but the inner shrine is much older. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of the remarkable features here is the figure of a sepoy (Indian soldier) loading a musket carved on the base of the pillar near the entrance, wearing identical dress to that of the Aurangzeb's soldiers.

Perur Temple

Maruthamalai Subramaniar Thirukoil

The Temple is Located on a hillock about 12 km from Coimbatore Railway Station,  The word "Marudhachalapathy" or "Maruthamalai Andavar" means Master of Hills, abounding in Marudha trees. The name has also a legendary origin. A Siddha, overcome by excessive thirst and tiredness, sought shelter under the shade of a Marudha tree and prayed to the mercy of the Lord Muruga for a shower of water, which sprang at once as though by a miracle from beneath the tree! As water gushed out from the roots of the marudha tree, the Siddha leaped in joy, glorifying Muruga as the Lord of "Marudha" and "Jalam" (water) with the passage of time, "Marudhajalapathi" became "Marudhachalapathy".  Thai Poosam and Tirukarthigai festivals are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at this temple.


Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

The temple is among the oldest one in Coimbatore and dates back to 1500A.D.The moolavar at this temple was actually meant for Perur Patteshwarar temple and since it got struck on its way from Madurai, Eachnari became the blessed place.
The deity's height is 6 feet and the width is 3 feet and is one of the biggest in SouthIndia.


Dhyanalingam Velliangiri Mountain

Dhyanalinga  This is the largest lingam in the world and it is located in the foothhills of the Velliangiri mountain about 30 kms from Coimbatore. The lingam is a single black granite stone 13 ft.9 inches in height and it has with seven copper rings embedded in it, corresponding to the seven charkas that is believed to govern the human body. The Avudaiyar or its base is made from a single white granite stone 9 ft in diameter and is in the form of a seven headed coiled snake.


Thentirumalai Sri Balaji Temple

This holy edifice which is a replica in miniature of the world famous shrine in Tirumala is located at Thentirumalai Karamadai - Sirumugai Road, Coimbatore District. Like the hill temple in Tirumala, the Thenthirumalai temple is located on a natural hill formation amidst sylvain surroundings at an elevation of about 1000 ft. above MSL, and could be seen from a distance. The majestic looking Gopuram in white stucco above the sanctum sanctorum and the temple complex in white and grey add to the grandeur of the shrine against the backdrop of the bluish - green mountains nearby. Lord Sri Balaji is in the main temple. Sri Garudalwar sits facing the lord

Velliangiri Hills

Velliangiri is a part of Western Ghats containing natural herbs and all kinds of natural flora and fauna, can be enjoyed here. Here, on the top of the hill, under a natural cave, which is nearly 6000 feet above the sea level, Lord SHIVA is worshipped in the form of natural (Swayambu) Linga. This Linga is surrounded by adjoining four lingas. So it is named as "PANCHALINGAS". This cave can be reached after crossing seven hills. During the annual pilgrimage season, devotees in large number, throng this place day & night. The experience which one enjoys here can be compared with the "Amarnath Yatra" of the North. Here too, Lord SHIVA personifies in the form of Linga inside a natural cave. This place is also called a "Dhakshina Kailash", The pilgrimage season lasts for four months in a year (i.e) from February to May, corresponding to the Tamil month between Masi and Vaikasi.