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Coimbatore omni bus stand, Gandhipuram

OMNI Bus Stand in Gandhipuram

Omni Bus Stand is 0.5 km from Gandhipuram Bus Stand and State Express Transport Corporation Bus Stand.
Phone : 0422 2529800

Coimbatore to Bangalore OMNI bus timings

Coimbatore – OMNI Bus Stand to Karnataka

Karnataka DestinationDeparture Hrs Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 21.30,21.45,22.30 SKD RVR Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 13.30, 22.00,22.30 Conti Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 22.00,23.15 KPN Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 21.45,22.00 Asian Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 21.45,22.45 National Travels NTC
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 21.45,22.30,22.45 No. 1 Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 22.30 ABT Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 21.45 SPS Travels
Coimbatore to Bangaluru 22.00 SRE Travels

Coimbatore – OMNI Bus Stand to Chennai

Chennai Travels List

DestinationDeparture Hrs Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 20.00 P.N.K Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 20.15, 21.00 Conti Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 20.00 KPN Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 21.30 Asian Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 20.45 Parveen Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 21.00,21.30,22.00 No. 1 Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 20.30 ABT Travels
Coimbatore to Chennai 22.00 Mayura Travels

Coimbatore – OMNI Bus Stand to Madurai

See Madurai Travels List

DestinationDeparture Hrs Travels
Coimbatore to Nagercoil,
Madurai, Nellai
20.00 Perinba Vilas Travels
Coimbatore to Nagercoil,
Madurai, Nellai
20.45, 21.15 KPN Travels
Coimbatore to Madurai,
21.00 ABT Travels

Coimbatore – OMNI Bus Stand to Pondicherry

DestinationDeparture Hrs Travels
Coimbatore to Villupuram,
Cuddalore, Puducherry
21.30 ARC Travels
Coimbatore to Villupuram,
Cuddalore, Puducherry
22.15,23.30 KPN Travels
Coimbatore to Villupuram,
Cuddalore, Puducherry
22.15 No.1 Travels
Coimbatore to Villupuram,
Cuddalore, Puducherry
22.30 SKD Travels
Coimbatore to Villupuram,
Cuddalore, Puducherry
22.30 H M Travels

Coimbatore to Coorg

Coimbatore to Coorg

Coimbatore to Coorg - Multiple Options To Reach By Road
Coorg is approximately 320+ kms from Coimbatore, 7hr 25min via NH 275.

Coorg, officially known as Kodagu, is the most affluent hill station in Karnataka, and it is known for its scenic landscapes and thrilling outdoor activities, offers adrenaline-pumping river rafting experiences in the Barapole and Kaveri rivers.

Route 1

Coimbatore to Mettupalayam,OOty, Mysore then Coorg

Route 2

Coimbate to Mysore, then Coorg.

Coimbatore to Mysore Distance- 196 Km, Travel time is around 4 hours 30 minutes.
KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) seen above are the most comfortable A/c buses to ply between Coimbatore to Mysore. KSRTC also operates the economical versions Karnataka Sarige from 6 AM to 12 Midnight, which takes around 5 hours 30.

Route 3

Coimbatore to Ooty,Wayanad then Coorg.

Is Coorg and Madikeri same?

Madikeri is the main town of Coorg and it also serve as the district headquarters. Other major cities of the Kodagu are Virajpet, Kushalanagara and Somwarpet. Coorg District is divided into the three talukas namely Madikeri, Virajpet and Somwarpet.

15 Places to Visit in Coorg in 2 Days
Abbey Falls, Omkareshwar Temple, Madikeri Fort, Raja Seat, Dubare Elephant Camp, Chiklihole Dam, Golden Temple (Tibet camp) and many more. If you don't have many days to spare, there are enough places to visit in Coorg in 2 days' time.

Singanallur Mofussil Bus Timings

Coimbatore Bus Timings from Singanallur Mofusil Bus Stand

Facilities – Cloack Room, Toilet, Snacks shop, Parking, TV, STD booths, Town Buses start from here to Railway Station, Gandhipuram Bus Stand & Ukkadam Bus Stand.

Singanallur Mofusil Bus Stand Bus Timings :-
to palladam,Karur,trichy,sivakasi,madurai,tanjavur,kumbakonam,etc.,

DestinationViaDeparture Time
ArachalurKangayam, Kodumudi-
KarurSulur, Palladam04.45, 10.40, 11.30, 11.50, 13.05, 16.00, 19.10, 19.35, 20.30, 21.05
KaraikudiPalladam, Karur, Trichy0.30
KodumudiPalladam, Kangayam11.30, 18.30
KumbakonamPalladam, Karur, Trichy, Tanjavur08.20, 21.00
SivakasiPalladam, Kundadam, Dharapuram, Oddanchatiram, Sempatti, Madurai11.55, 12.20
SivagangaDharapuram, Sempatti, Madurai12.05
TanjavurKarur, Trichy12.15
TrichyPalladam, Kangayam, KarurFrom 05.30 to 18.30 hours, at 15 mt intervels from Singanallur Bus Stand. From 19.05 to 04.30 hrs at 60 mt intervel from VKK Menon Road, Gandhipuram
PallapattiPalladam, Kangayam09.20, 16.40
PudukottaiKangayam, Karur, Trichy13.35, 20.30
PerambalurKangayam, Karur, Trichy-
MannargudiKangayam, Karur, Trichy09.30
MaduraiPalladam, Kundadam, Dharapuram, OddanchatiramEvery 15 mts. between 05.30 to 18.30 hrs
JayamkondamKangayam, Karur, Trichy09.55, 20.45

குழந்தைகளுக்கான தூயத்தமிழ் பெயர்கள்

SETC Bus Stand and Timings

State Express Transport Corporation Bus Stand

SETC Thiruvalluvar Bus Numbers and Timings
Coimbatore to Bangalooru
375km. via Salem, Dharmapuri, Hosur
Coimbatore to Chennai
510 km. via Salem, Dindivanam
288km.Tirupattur, Karaikudi
Coimbatore to Myladuthurai
via - Trichy, Tanjavur, Kumbakonam ( 349 )
Coimbatore to Nagercoil
via-Madurai, Tirunelvelli ( 467 km )
Coimbatore to Papanasam
Madurai, Nellai, Ambasmdrm ( 433 )
Coimbatore to Puducherry
via Salem, Cuddalore
Coimbatore to Rameswaram
via - Madurai, Ramanathapuram
Coimbatore to Sathankulam
Madurai, Nellai, Nazareth ( 443 km )
Coimbatore to Senkottai
392 km. via Palani, Madurai
Coimbatore to Tanjavur
via - Karur, Trichy ( 270 km )
Coimbatore to Thisayanvilai
via - Madurai, Nellai, Sathankulam ( 464 )
Coimbatore to Tirupathy
via Salem, Vellore
Coimbatore to Tirunelveli
385km. Madurai, Virudunagar
Coimbatore to Tuticorin
via - Madurai, Aruppukotta ( 346 )
Coimbatore to Velakanni
Trichy, Tanjavur, Nagapatinm ( 370 )
Coimbatore to Udangudi
via - Madurai, Tuticorin, Thiruchendur ( 428 )

SETC - State Express Transport Corporation Bus Stand, Gandhipuram

Enquiry Phone : 0422 – 2524969.

UD – Ultra Delux Air Bus
S – Super Delux
A / c – Air Conditioned

Buses passing through Coimbatore (via CBE), on way to other destinations

Routefrom / to Depature
785UDGuruvayur to Chennai via Coimbatore18.00
791UDEmakulam to Chennai via Coimbatore20.15
724Salem to Guruvayur via Coimbatore00.30, 13.15, 13.45
785UDChennai to Guruvayur via Coimbatore03.30
729UDSalem to Emakulam via Coimbatore01.30, 02.30, 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 23.30
791AcChennai to Emakulam via Coimbatore02.45
790UDPuduseri to Emakulam via Coimbatore03.15
770Velankanni to Emakulam via Coimbatore04.30
784Senkotta to Cannanore via Coimbatore01.33
782Salem to Calicut via Coimbatore00.20
725Trichy to Ooty via Coimbatore03.30, 14.00
664EKanyakumari to Gudalur via Coimbatore04.30
783Trivandrum to Ooty via Coimbatore05.00
663Kanyakumari to Ooty via Coimbatore06.30
790UDEmakulam to Puduseri via Coimbatore21.30

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation in Gandhipuram

KSRTC at Thiruvalluvar Bus stand (SETC), Bus Routes and Timings

Coimbatore to Kerala

Destinationvia Kerala Bus Departure Hrs
Coimbatore to AlapuzhaTrissur, Angamai14.00
Coimbatore to ErattupettaTrissur, Angamai, Polur00.00
Coimbatore to EmakulamTrissur, Angamai11.30, 17.30
Coimbatore to GuruvayoorTrissur, Angamai10.00, 20.00
Coimbatore to KothamangalamTrissur, Angamai,
Coimbatore to KottarakaraTrissur, Angamai10.00, 20.00
Coimbatore to KottayamTrissur, Angamai,
15.30, 18.30
Coimbatore to KozhikodePalakkad, Perinthalmanna03.40, 16.30
Coimbatore to PathanamthittaTrissur, Angamai,
Muvathupuzha, Kottayam
Coimbatore to PonnaniSerupulaseri, Pattambi15.00, 15.45
Coimbatore to TrivandrumTrissur, Ernakulam,
Alapuzha, Kollam
04.00, 06.45, 09.00, 15.00, 16.00, 21.00, 22.30
Coimbatore to ThirurSerupulaseri15.45
Coimbatore to ThrissurChittur09.45, 10.40, 17.15, 18.40

Coimbatore – Ukkadam Mofussil Bus Stand to Kerala

Kerala DestinationKerala Bus Departure Hrs
Ukkadam to Ernakulam02.00, 09.15, 10.00, 11.00, 14.30, 15.30, 23.00
Ukkadam to Eratupetta20.00
Ukkadam to Guruvayoor04.45
Ukkadam to Koduvayoor05.00, 08.00, 10.30, 11.30, 13.45, 17.00, 18.15
Ukkadam to Kollengode 07.30, 09.30, 13.05, 14.30, 15.40, 19.15, 19.30
Ukkadam to Kotarakara 06.00, 08.00, 12.00, 22.00
Ukkadam to Kotayam 08.30, 15.00, 19.30
Ukkadam to Kozhikode 16.40, 17.55
Ukkadam to Thathamangalam 07.00, 15.00
Ukkadam to Tirussur 05.30, 07.10, 12.45, 14.05
Ukkadam to Thiruvananthapuram 12.00, 13.00, 21.00
Ukkadam to Palakkad For every 10 minutes from 05.00 - 22.00
Ukkadam to Perumbavur 16.05
Ukkadam to Ponnani 15.00, 16.15
Ukkadam to Meenatchipuram 06.00, 12.30

Coimbatore City Bus Routes

Coimbatore City Bus Services - Bus Numbers Routes and timings

At present there are 3 mofussil bus stands at Gandhipuram,Singanallur and at Ukkadam.Besides these, there is one Government bus stand and a Town Bus Stand, both at Gandhipuram. And, it has one more Fast Passenger Bus Stand at Gandhipuram.

Bus No From To
1 Maruthamalai Avarampalayam
1A,1C Ondipudur Vadavalli
1D,1E Ondipudur Maruthamalai
2,2A Perur Polytechnic
2B Ondipudur Telungupalayam
2C Kannapanagar Perur
2D Sitra Kurinji Nagar
3,3A Ganapathy Madukkarai
3B Madukkarai Saibaba Colony
3C Ganapathy Thirumalayampalayam
3D Ganapathy Kovaipudur
3E Gandhipuram Thirumalayampalayam
3F Madukkarai Saibaba Colony
3G Ganapathy K. Kavundan Chavadi
3H ACC velandipalayam
3K Ganapathy Kovaipudur
4,4A Thudiyalur Podanur
4B Ukkadam Press Colony
4C Srinivasa Nagar Saibaba Colony
4F,4G Ondipudur Thudiyalur
4H Railway Station Press Colony
4K Thudiyalur Selvapuram
4M Thudiyalur Nanjundapuram
5 Sivananda Colony Sivananda Colony
50 Flower Market Flower Market
6 Gandhi Park Gandhi Park
6A Gandhipuram Perianaickanpalayam
7,7C Gandhi Park Gandhi Park
8 Chettipalayam Singanallur
8A Podanur Chinthamanipudur
8F Madukkarai Saibaba Colony
9 Sundakamuthur Krishnammal College
10 Saibaba Colony Chinniampalayam
10A Town Hall Madhapur
10B Saibaba Colony Kalapatti
11 Railway Station Kanuvai
11A Ukkadam Anuvavi Subramani Temple
11B Railway Station Veerapandipudur
11c Railway Station Somaiyanpalayam
11F Railway Station Edayarpalayam
12 Gandhipuram Premier Mills
12A Gandhipuram Arisipalayam
12B Railway Station Kinathukadavu
12C Eachanari Polytechnic
12D Gandhipuram Nachipaiayam
12E Ukkadam Velanthavalam
13A Ukkadam Koiathur
13B,13C Ukkadam Thudiyalur
14 Railway Station Nadhegoundanpudur
14A Town Hall Semmedu
14B Railway Station Semmedu
15 Sivanandha Mills Kuniamuthur
15A KovaiPudur Srinivasa Nagar
16 Town Hall Airport
16A Saibaba Colony Aerodrome
16B Saibaba Colony PSG Arts College
17 Lakshmi Mills Velanthavalam
18 Gandhipuram Arisipalayam
19 Ukkadam Nanjundapuram
19A Saibaba Colony Vellalore
19B Ukkadam Sulur Aerodrome
19D Gandhipuram Appanaickenpatti
20 Aerodrome TVS Nagar
20A Chinniampalayam TVS Nagar
20B SIHS Colony Saibaba Colony
2OC Poochiyur Saibaba Colony
21 Gandhipuram Kembanur
21C Devarayapuram Thondamuthur
22 Sowripalayam Sugarcane Institute
22A Sugarcane Institute Kovai Medical Center
23 Velialur Varadharajapuram
23A Gandhipuram Varadhrajapuram
24 Ukkadam Kalapatti
24A Ukkadam Serayampalayam
25 Perur Saibaba Colony
26 Ukkadam Veerapandipudur
26A Thondamuthur Edayarpalayam
27 Railway Station Press Colony
27A Gandhipuram ldigarai
27B Ukkadam Press Colony
28 Gandhipuram Thondamuthur
29 Gandhipuram Pattanam
30 Ukkadam Kannampalayam
30A Gandhi Park Sulur
30C Ukkadam Sulur Aerodrome
30E Ukkadam Sulur
30F Town Hall Somanur
30G Ukkadam Somanur
31 Madukkarai Market Government Polytechnic
31A Ondipudur Madukkarai Market
32 Gandhipuram Kovanur
32A Railway Station Press Colony
328 Ukkadam Periyanaickampalayam
32C Railway Station Samy Chettipalayam
320 Railway Station Veerapandi
32G Gandhipuram Vellamadai
32H Ukkadam Kasturipalayam
33,33A,33C Railway Station Kinathukadavu
33E Gandhipuram Kinathukadavu
330 Railway Station Kallapuram
33E Ukkadam Chettipalayam
33F Singanallur Premier Mills
33F Premier Mills Sitra
34 Ramanathapuram Thadagam
35 Avarampalayam Karadimadai
36 Gandhi Park Sitra
37 Ukkadam Kannampalayam
38 Ukkadam NGGO Colony
38A Selvapuram State Bank Colony
38B Ukkadam State Bank Colony
3BC Gandhipuram Velanthavalam
39 Saibaba Colony Chinniyampalayam
40 Cherayampalayam Saibaba Colony
40A Gandhipuram Veeripalayam
41 Gandhipuram Somanur
41A Gandhipuram Chellapa Goundanpudur
41C Ukkadam Karumathampati
42 Town Hall lrugur
42A Town Hall Neelambur
43 Saibaba Colony Neelikonampalayam
43A Railway Station Neelampalayam
44 Town Hall Sowripalayam
44 Pachapalayam Ponnaiyarajapuram
45 Gandhipuram Telungupuram
45 Gandhipuram Vellamadai
45A Railway Station Ganesapuram
45C,45E Gandhipuram Annur
45D Gandhipuram Kempanaickenpalayam
45F Gandhipuram Kurukkampalayam
46 Maruthamalai Ramanathapuram
47 Gandhipuram Seeralapalayam
47A Gandhipurarm Premier Mills
48 Gandhipurarm Velanthavalam
48A Ukkadam Velanthavalam
48B Gandhipurarm Kommandamparai
49 Saibaba Colony, Navakarai
50 Gandhipuram Kannamanaickenur
51 Gandhipuram Kanjikonampalayam
52 Ukkadam Saibaba Colony
53 Srinivasa Nagar Madukkarai
53 Gandhipuram Srinivasa Nagar
53A Gandhipuram Thithipalayam
54 Gandhipuram Thondamuthur
55,55A Gandhipuram Vellalur
55B Gandhipuram Edayarpalayam
56 Gandhipuram Poiuvampatti
57 Ukkadam Vellamadai
58 Thadagam Bus Stand Narasipuram
59 Gandhipuram Karunya Institute
59A Railway Station Alandurai
59B Molapalayam Avarampalayam
60 Gandhipuram Madhampatti
61 Gandhi Park Sowripalayam
62 Railway Station Vaiyampalayam
63 Selvapuram Keeranatham
63 Saravanampatti Selvapuram
63A Gandhipuram Kallipalayam
54 Ukkadam Ondipudur
64 Gandhipuram Thondamuthur
65 Gandhipuram Kannampalayam
66 Gandhipuram Madukkarai Market
66A Gandhipuram Masithi Goundampudur
67 Gandhipuram Kovaipudur
69 Pattanam Velandipalayam
69B Gandhipuram Peedampalli
70 Gandhipuram Maruthamalai
71 Kolimedu Machanaickenpaiayam
71A Kurichi Housing Unit Koil Medu
71c Gandhipuram Sundarapuram
72 Railway Station Vellalur
73,73A Gandhipuram Chettipalayam
73B Gandhipuram Kurichi Housing Unit
74 Gandhipuram Edayarpalayam
75 Gandhipuram Irugur
76 Ukkadam Chinnavedampatti
77 Town Hall Edayarpalayam
77A Ukkadam Kannampalayam
77B Ukkadam Edayarpalayam
78 Gandhipuram Thadagam
78A,78B Gandhipuram Anaikatti
79 Selvapuram Tudhiyalur
80 Edyarpalayam Ondipudur
81 Gandhipuram Serayampalayam
81 Gandhipuram Ponne Goundan Pudur
81A Gandhipuram, Kaduvetti
81A Gandhipuram Ponne Goundan Pudur
82A Ukkadam Vagarayam Palayam
82B Gandhipuram Semsampatti
84 Avarampalayam Malumichampatti
84A Gandhipuram Malumichampatti
85 Ukkadam Thadagam
86 Gandhipuram Chinnavedampatti
87 Gandhipuram Koil Palayam
88 R Kalyanamandapam R Kalyanamandapam
89,89A Railway Station Press Colony
90 Ukkadam Government Poultry Farm
90A Ukkadam Somanur
91,91A KovaiPudur Saibaba Colony
92 Maruthamalai Cheranpalayam
93 lawley Road Kulathur
94 Gandhipuram Periyanaickampalayam
94A PSG Arts College Kalikanaickenpalayam
95 Gandhipuram Singanallur
96 Gandhipuram Valayar
9lq Ukkadam Chinna Thadagam
98 Ukkadam Pachapalayam
98A Ukkadam Vagarayam Palayam
99 Gandhipuram Thondamuthur
100 Ukkadam Velanthavalarn
101 Gandhipuram Kumittipathy
101A Saibaba Colony Kaliapuram
102A Gandhipuram Karamadai
103 Puliyakulam Veprapandipudur
104A Ukkadam patyainpalayam
105 Ukkadam Kojangipalayam
105C Gandhipuram Karatiampettai
106 Town Hall Kinathukadavu
106A Railway Station Kinathukadavu
106B Railway Station Koil Palayam
107 KovaiPudur SIHS Colony
108 Ukkadam Chinnakuili
109 Ondipudur Saibaba Colony
110A Kurumbapalayam Saibaba Colony
110B Singanallur ESI Kurumba Palayam
111 Gandhipuram Gandhipuram
112 Ukkadam Goves-rrnent ITI
113 Onidpudur Keeranatham
S1 Ondipudur Maniakarampalayam
S2 Uppilipalayam Kandakavundan Chavadi
S3 Chittipalayam Varadharajapuram
S4 Uppilipalayam Mathipalayam
S5 Singanallur Thirumalayampalayam
S6 ESI Hospital Vellakinaru
S7 KovaiPudur Ondipudur
S8 PSG Arts College Perur
S9B Ondipudur Sankara Polytechnic
S10 Ondipudur Udaiyampalayam
S12 Maruthamalai Masakalipalayam
S13 ESI Hospital Maruthamalai
S14 KovaiPudur Avarampalayam
S15 Singanallur Maruthamalai
S16 Singanallur Telungupalayam
S17 KovaiPudur Avarampalayam
S17 Gandhipuram Perur
S18 Singanallur NGGO Colony
S19 PSG Arts College Vellalur
S20 Singanallur Chelakaraichal
S21 Periyanaickenpalayam Krishnammal College
S22 ESI, Hospital Chettipalayam
S23 Cheranmaanagar Ondipudur
S24 Ondipudur Kasi Nanje Coundanpudur
S25 KovaiPudur Singanallur
S26 Nanjundapuram Maruthamalai
S27 Singanallur Sultanpettai
S28 ESI Hospital Chelakaraichal
S29 Thudiyalur Singanallur
S30 KovaiPudur Krishnammal College

Coimbatore Ukkadam Mofusil Bus Stand

Ukkadam Mofusil Bus Stand

Ukkadam Mofusil Bus Stand Bus Timings :-
to Pollachi, Udumalpet, Valparai, Palani, Kodaikanal, Dindigul, Coumbum, Theni, Madurai, Sempatti etc.
DestinationViaDeparture Time
PollachiKinathukkadavuFor every 3 minutes from 06.00 - 21.00
UdumalpetKinathukkadavu, PollachiFor every 10 minutes from 04.00 - 23.00
PalaniPollachi, UdumalpetFor every 10 minutes from 04.00 - 23.40
ValparaiPollachi02.15, 07.50, 12.58, 15.40
ShekalmudiValparai07.58, 15.40
KodaikanalPollachi, Udumalpet, Palani, Kodai Road10.01
DindigulPollachi, Udumalpet, Palani02.40, 07.43, 08.20, 14.02, 16.30, 18.22, 20.10
CumbumUdumalpet, Palani10.18
TheniKumuli, Cumbum0.05, 07.25, 08.03, 11.27, 6.18
BodinayakkanurPalani10.57, 13.03, 17.34, 19.52
Pon AmaravathiNatham, Sivaganga01.30, 12.55, 14.02
MunnarPollachi08.14, 14.25
VeerappakavundanurKinathukkadavu07.50, 14.10
MaduraiPollachi, Udumalpet, Palani, Oddanchatiram, Kodai Road, SempattiFor every 30 minutes from 05.30 - 23.50
Ernakulam-02.00, 09.15, 10.00, 11.00, 14.30, 15.30, 23.00
Koduvayoor-05.00, 08.00, 10.30, 11.30, 13.45, 17.00, 18.15
Kollengode-07.30, 09.30, 13.05, 14.30, 15.40, 19.15, 19.30
Kotarakara-06.00, 08.00, 12.00, 22.00
Kotayam-08.30, 15.00, 19.30
Kozhikode-16.40, 17.55
Thathamangalam-07.00, 15.00
Tirussur-05.30, 07.10, 12.45, 14.05
Thiruvananthapuram-12.00, 13.00, 21.00
Palakkad-For every 10 minutes from 05.00 - 22.00
Ponnani-15.00, 16.15
Meenatchipuram-06.00, 12.30

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation in Gandhipuram

KSRTC at Thiruvalluvar Bus stand (SETC), Bus Routes and Timings
Phone : 0422 2523032,2457585,+91 94890 55100

Coimbatore to Karnataka

Coimbatore – SETC Bus Stand to Karnataka

Karnataka DestinationKarnataka Bus Departure Hrs
Coimbatore to Bangaluru04.30, 07.30, 10.05, 13.05, 21.30, 21.31, 21.40, 21.45, 22.00, 22.01, 22.15, 22.28
Coimbatore to Chikkamagaluru06.25, 16.25
Coimbatore to Davanegere19.30
Coimbatore to Hiriyur20.30
Coimbatore to Hundimala13.15, 22.00
Coimbatore to Mangaluru16.14
Coimbatore to Mercara Makikeri8.30,23.00
Coimbatore to Sringeri21.00
Coimbatore to Shivamogga17.15,18.55
Coimbatore to Tumakuru07.30
Coimbatore to Mysuru05.30, 10.11, 12.00, 14.02, 14.59, 15.35, 16.00, 16.14, 18.30, 23.44

Franchisees KSRTC Booking Centre

T Kalavathy
No.1599, Sri Ram Mess, Hope College,
Avinashi Road,
Coimbatore-641 004.
Phone : 0422-2596393, 093447059896

C Vijaykumar
Travel Mate, No 208, Ground floor,
Gowtham Arcade, T V Swamy Road,
R S Puram,
Phone : 2544786, 9944499000, 08220762207, 09944224400

S P Swaminathan
No 456, V K K Menan Road,
Opp to Thiruvalluvar Bus Stop,
Phone : 9363044464

Karnataka to Coimbatore Bus timings

KSRTC Bus stand Karnataka

DestinationBus Departure Hrs
Bangaluru to Coimbatore 10.03, 13.30, 21.01, 21.30, 21.50, 22.15, 22.30, 22.31
Chikkamagaluru to Coimbatore06.45, 16.10
Mysuru to Coimbatore06.00, 07.00, 07.45, 08.15, 09.14, 09.45, 13.30, 15.00, 15.05, 16.03, 16.40, 20.31, 21.45, 23.02, 23.31
Davanegere to Coimbatore17.00
Hiriyur to Coimbatore18.30
Mandya to Coimbatore09.00, 21.00
Mangaluru to Coimbatore15.30
Mercara Makikeri to Coimbatore11.00
Sringeri to Coimbatore16.30
Shivamogga to Coimbatore16.45,18.30
Coimbatore to Tumakuru09.00

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Name Transfer on Property Tax

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Coimbatore Property Tax Pay Online

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Tamil Baby names by nakshatra

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Coimbatore omni bus stand, Gandhipuram


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